(7th December, 2017)

An historic outcome! We waited with bated breath for legislation for same sex marriage to be passed in the Lower House in 2017. Finally, the wait is over!
As a Celebrant, I can now treat ALL couples with fairness and equality across our wonderful Nation.
Well done Australia!!!


Ceremonies of Distinction

If you are looking for a ceremony that is something special, then look no further.

I believe your special event should be one that is remembered fondly; a carefully planned, individual and stress free occasion that reflects your wishes.  Special events call for a special ceremony.  Whatever the occasion, I will help you create an unforgettable ceremony.

Creating the right ceremony for your special celebration is at the heart of what I do. Whether it be a wedding, commitment ceremony, renewal of vows, baby naming, or celebration of the life of a loved one at a funeral service, I will design a carefully planned ceremony that you will be proud to share with family and friends.

Ceremony gives meaning and acknowledgement to an occasion and should never be underestimated - it enriches community and family life, and is at the very core of every special event. Ceremony is a part of our very existence.  We celebrate countless events each year with Ceremony, such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Citizenships, Inaugurations, Graduations, and of course weddings, funerals, and the like.  Try to imagine these events without Ceremony!

This website is not just designed to showcase my services, but to assist clients in making the right choice when it comes to Ceremony.  Take the time to browse through the information and links, where many of your questions will be answered.  I hope you find it useful and informative.

Because It Matters

The ceremony is the most important aspect of any celebration.

Why?  Because it matters.

Imagine an occasion without Ceremony - a graduation without awards; a wedding without vows; a funeral without acknowledgment of the deceased's life. Since primitive times, different cultures have practised Ritual and Ceremony in a variety of ways, each with the same objective - to highlight and share with others the importance of the occasion.

A poorly crafted or ineptly presented ceremony can ruin a celebration.  So it is imperative that we get it right!

Whether it be celebrating the joy of a new beginning, happiness of times past, the celebration of achievements, or the sorrow and loss of a loved one, your ceremony should be remembered as a special occasion - one which fills your heart with pride and puts a smile on your face.

Sweet Ceremonies offers a complete range of celebrancy services to cater for all occasions.

Professional, Caring

What sets me apart from the rest is my professionalism, care and attention to detail, and the fact that I don't just talk, I listen.  I am recognised and sought after for my exceptional quality of service. 

I call upon my instincts, natural creativity, and extensive client relationship experience to facilitate an outstanding ceremony that reflects my client's needs and wishes - a ceremony that will be remembered and admired.

I am a perfectionist; I understand the importance of Ceremony.  I care about what I do and take pride in my professionalism.  It has always been my desire to please both my client and audience and this is evident in the passion I exhibit in my work.

Each ceremony is officiated with great care and proficiency, to ensure complete client satisfaction.  Undaunted by audience size, I employ an extensive Public Speaking and Acting & Performance background, and am confortable presenting and performing to audiences of any size.

Where To Begin?

This is a very difficult question for many.  There is so much to organise, and, often, so little time.  However, most occasions share commonalities in planning.

There are three fundamental elements that need to be organised first, in any order, to set the ball rolling: date, venue, and Celebrant. Once these are set, everything else should follow.

Let's focus on weddings, for a moment.

So, now you've set the date.  What if your chosen Celebrant is unavailable?  Are you prepared to change the date?

Your ceremony is the most important component of your wedding and is too often underestimated.  Choosing the right Celebrant to craft and deliver your ceremony is paramount - your decision can make or break your day.  So, if necessary, be flexible with your date.

Looking for a bargain basement price?  When you consider how much you’re paying to create your perfect day, you'll want the Celebrant to be perfect, too, so don’t skimp on it and make sure you choose wisely.